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Why thin clients?

The combination of optimized hardware, software, and services allows thin computing to deliver following key benefits for any enterprise, business, or organization:

Unlike PCs, thin clients have no local storage devices. So thin clients are not vulnerable to viruses and other malware as long as the servers are protected. Since there is no way to store and remove proprietary information from thin clients, that data is always safe on the server, and compliant with privacy regulations. And since nothing is stored on the desktop, there is nothing of easy value for thieves to physically remove. Security software is also easier to maintain, update, and upgrade on a few servers instead of hundreds or thousands of desktop systems.

Thin clients are much easier to deploy and configure for the simple reason that the software is delivered from the server. So there is very little hands-on installation required (other than connecting the cables). Backing up data is also easy, since all the data resides on the server. There is no concern about employees forgetting to back up their local hard drives or forgetting to leave their computer connected for regular back ups. Since all applications are stored and delivered from the server, updates can be performed at the server level, eliminating the need for manual updates of individual systems. This also improves version control for applications.

Because thin clients have solid-state technology, there are no moving parts to fail. And with no local storage, there is no chance for an individual system to come under attack from viruses and malware. Plus, should a thin client ever fail, the data is always instantly available from another system. This lack of local storage, and the problems associated with it, make data much more available to the people who use thin clients than those working on PCs.

Thin clients are nine times more reliable than PCs because there are no mechanical parts, such as fans or disk drives, to break down. With no local storage of applications or data, it is impossible to download viruses, malware, or software that causes conflicts with more mission-critical applications. By avoiding the introduction of downloaded software while pushing storage and computing power to more reliable servers, thin computing dramatically increases the reliability of the entire infrastructure.

Total Cost of Ownership
The average annual maintenance costs for a PC are four to seven times the acquisition costs. This is not true for thin clients. On average, thin clients can save you more than $1000 per seat per year in maintenance costs. This can be as much as a 40-percent savings for most IT departments, a significant savings for organizations whose IT budgets are primarily allocated to maintenance.

The greatest challenge for rapidly expanding enterprises, businesses, and organizations is rapidly deploying systems. With thin computing, the only set up required in a remote office is plugging in three or four cables. The rest of the set up can take place in the data center. Additionally, a well-designed thin-computing solution can support up to 40,000 thin clients. Giving an enterprise of any size the ability to grow quickly and cost-effectively.
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